We sell eggs direct to public from our shop and you can also purchase pullets, yearlings, manure, hay, straw, feed made from our mill and more.

New to our farm shop is EFTPOS available now for customers easy use.

If you wish to inquire about our direct delivery to your store please contact us and we will send a representative out to see you.

We currently have no vacancies for staff but will be listing any staff opportunities on our website in the future.


Bulk Egg Products

Our selection of pasteurised egg products

Shell Eggs Products

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Frozen Sugared Egg Yolk Specifications

Frozen sugared egg yolk is prepared from fresh egg yolks.

Chilled/Frozen Egg Pulp

Chilled /frozen egg pulp for use in sweet & savoury products is prepared from fresh eggs blended and pasteurised.

Chilled/Frozen Egg White

Chilled /Frozen egg white is prepared from fresh egg whites.

Shell Egg (Specification)

Description of our standard shelled egg product

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